The concluding hack slides will be made available to judges before the final presentation starts.

The final presentations are 7 minutes (hard limit) including 2 min for demo.

The slides must have in order:

(1) NEED

Problem being addressed, explanation for hardship/pain points, and extra work this problem is currently required.


Technical approach to problem, including big challenges to overcome, expected strategies

Actual strategies after the project started, including surprises along the way that motivated change of strategy.


For whom life would be easier if propsed project completed (which type of developer or operator or use)


Other ways this objective is being accomplished now, or could be accomplished with other approaches, and why this approach is better, or worse.


What was actually accomplished, compare to what was proposed, lessons learned.

Source code

(7) DEMO

Live demo pr screenshots in the presentation (2 minutes max, hard limit)